Software & Web Developer
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Skills & Proficiencies
  • Effective at deploying a variety of UNIX-based production servers to house and maintain mission-critical resources.
  • Proficient with essential programming concepts in a wide array of languages such as Java, Objective-C, C++ and python.
  • Maintains an extensive web development skillset including javascript, HTML5/Canvas as well as an in-depth conceptual understanding of HTTP communication.
  • Efficient at managing large data sets and planning contained databases.
  • Extensive experience in the technical proficiencies within the development process of native mobile applications on both the iOS and Android operating systems.
Past Employment

Lead Developer, EasyTag Inc.
3585 Laird Rd, Mississauga ON
Nov 2012 - Present

  • Managed the deployment of several scabale server instances by utilizing the Amazon Web Services Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) as well as other AWS deployment utilities.
  • Managed and aided with the implementation of many intersecting service features and projects.
  • Lead the development of the server and client-side components of the flagship iOS application from inception to Apple App Store approval and beyond.
  • Lead a significant effort to develop several flexible automated unit testing frameworks for the iOS, javascript and python environments.

Network Security Analyst, Information Systems and Technology,
University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West
Summer of 2010

  • Automated multiple penetration testing proccesses for campus networks.
  • Wrote analysis and analytic software for raw network flow records
  • Updated and revised multiple network resolution utilities for use on University production servers
  • Familiarized with metasploit penetration testing framework for use on production machines
  • Began work on a Net-Identification project to improve wireless campus network security whose plan was implemented and is still in active development on campus.

Lead Client-Side Developer, BetterU Inc.
Innis College, 111 St. George St, Toronto
Summer of 2012

  • Developed and structured entire web-application through the use of javascript and the backbonejs model-view-controller framework
  • Personally worked with beta testers to improve user experience as well as application performance and rapidly developed features in response to feedback
  • Became versed in and made extensive use of late-breaking javascript design paradigms and libraries including (but not limited to) prototype.js, jQuery, JavaScript/Underscore templates and Underscore.js

Senior Web Developer, Willet Incorporated
Communitech Hub, 151 Charles St West, Kitchener
Summer of 2011

  • Developed a reciprocity based web application with an entirely-cross browser compliant profile editor complete with an image manipulator
  • Wrote analysis software to identify connections between nodes within an existing social graph as well as to support such connections with the continued growth of the graph
  • Worked extensively with the Facebook Graph API as well as the Twitter Stream and REST API to integrate tightly with the social media of clients.

Web Developer & Server Administrator, Freelance
Greater Toronto Area
August 5th 2009 - April 1 2012

  • Designed and implemented UNIX-based remote web and mail servers for hosting client services
  • Created a unique visualization scheme for displaying merchandise
  • Regularly worked with web development technology ranging from AJAX and HTML5 Canvas to node.js powered server-side applications
  • Made exclusive use of open source software for every aspect of production including operating systems (Linux), web servers (Apache & lighttpd), mail delivery clients (postfix), ftp clients (proftp) and relational databases (MYSQL, PGSQL)
  • Example work available at

Candidate for Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours,
Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo,
Waterloo ON, Sept 2009 - April 2013
Relevant Assignment:
Propositional Logic Parser, CS 245 Logic and Computation

Other Activities

Executive Member, Computer Science Club
University of Waterloo
10, 2009 - Present

  • Member of systems committee, responsible for supporting an average termly user base of 350 members.
  • Responsibilities of the systems committee include the maintenance of 6 office terminals as well as five dedicated servers with critical user services operating on each.
  • Elected office manager for a term, responsible for office staff training and maintaining office hours
  • Helped organize and coordinate numerous talks held by distinguished speakers in computer science