Android Instant Apps

24 May 2016

On May 18th, day one of Google’s annual dev. conference Google I/O, among the many product demos was the announcement of the next major disruptor in the mobile application market: Instant Apps.

The idea behind it is a test drive for apps. When visitng a webpage, if an instant app is available for that page then your Android mobile phone will load that app instead of the webpage. It’s worth noting that the instant app will load as fast, if not faster than the webpage it replaces.

For example, when you visit a URL to pay for a parking space, instead of a clanky webpage payment interface, you’re able to use the city parking app to pay without the need to install any apps or without knowing you were using an app altogether.

To name another benefit of adopting instant apps for your platform, consisder that users can now get a taste of your company’s unique app features without the need to commit to taking up precious device storage space. Also, since Instant Apps run within a secure sandbox, there are far fewer security risks when using an instant app.

It’s obvious to anybody who has done their research that native apps always offer a more reliable user experience, if designed correctly. But the trouble with apps was that you had to do the added work of searching for, downloading and installing the app (if it even exists).

No more: the full potential of your phone is utilized to access the websites you need the most, saving you time, effort and a helluva lot of frustration.

Published on 24 May 2016